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I’ve created a simple 3 step process that will help you not only write your book but also profit from it.

Here’s the thing. Your book will only make you a small amount per copy, but if you can leverage it and make it part of a sales funnel that leads customers onto higher paying products and services, then your book can become a valuable asset that allows you to go from expert to authority in your field.


Pen - Write Your Book

Start by writing your book.

You can then create a suite of books to supplement it:

  • A workbook that you can easily cross-sell with your primary book
  • A journal. Use as a standalone book or one that supports your primary book. There are so many types of journals that you can build something that your clients will love.
  • A planner. Build a book with a simple weekly format: goal setting, daily activities and accountability.
  • A notebook. Use them for live workshops to create a premium service, or offer them as part of a welcome gift for VIP clients


Pen - Write Your Book

As you are writing your book, you should also be building your author platform:

  • Your website. This is your real estate online and should form the cornerstone of your author platform.
  • Your email list. Next to your website is your email list. Do not underestimate the power of having your own email list. Social media channels change, however, your email list remains the best way of connecting with people who have shown interest in what you do.
  • Your social media accounts. Drive traffic to your website and from your website to your email list, where you can nurture your relationships.


Pen - Write Your Book

Also as you’re writing your book, plan out the sales funnel for your book. Look at where it sits and what you can cross-sell and upsell.

  • Cross-sell other books or low priced offers.
  • Upsell to courses, group coaching programmes etc as the next tier with personalised and bespoke packages as your top level products.

Then set these up before your book is published, so that when people read your book, there is a clear call to action to the next tier in your sales funnel. 

Whilst you can write a book and then publish it, I would firmly recommend having your author platform and sales funnel in place first.

Publishing your book is actually the easiest part of the process, which is why so many people, myself included, get it wrong.

Taking the time to promote it and set up your sales funnel first will allow you to maximize the impact your book makes and helps you to expand your reach and pump up your profits.

Take Your First Step!

Take your first step into self-publishing by heading over to the publish a book training page, and try out the first course there.

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